Who is Incanter?

In preparation for a talk I’m giving next week at the CapClug (I plan to post the slides in the next couple days) I finally put together a list of people that have help build Incanter over the last year.

Committers: This group has a new member today, Sean Devlin. He’s working on incanter.chrono 2.0, making him the project’s Time Lord.

  • David Edgar Liebke
  • Bradford Cross (FlightCaster)
  • Alex Ott (build master)
  • Tom Faulhaber (autodoc)
  • Sean Devlin (chrono 2.0)
  • Jared Strate (FlightCaster)

Contributors: This group includes those that have patched, optimized, and improved Incanter.

  • Chris Burroughs
  • Phil Hagelberg
  • Edmund Jackson (proposed time-series)
  • Steve Jenson
  • Steve Purcell
  • Brendan Ribera
  • Alexander Stoddard

Community: This group includes those that through questions, suggestions, and answers have improved Incanter.

Related Project: This is the first public project built on Incanter, and a great one at that.

Thanks everyone for helping make Incanter so much fun to work on!


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