Incanter executables

For a long time I’ve wanted a simple, double-clickable executable for Incanter, and now thanks to Alan Dipert’s swingrepl library I have it.

I have made an executable jar file, called incanter.jar, that launches a swingrepl, that includes Incanter and all of its dependencies, when double-clicked or started with the following command

java -jar incanter.jar

Note: Make sure to save incanter.jar with the .jar extension to ensure it executes correctly.

I have also used Apple’s Jar Bundler and SkoobySoft’s DMG Packager to create a Mac OS X executable that’s downloadable as a dmg file, Incanter.dmg.

Finally, I used Launch4j to create the Windows executable file,

To build incanter.jar from source, use script/package in the Incanter distribution on Github, or just use lein uberjar (lein will call the file incanter-standalone.jar, and will create a non-executable jar called incanter.jar).

9 responses to “Incanter executables

  1. Excellent! Next step is to get core to do the same thing. ;-)

    • Agreed, and thats as easy as removing Incanter from the mix, but I’d also like to see a version with more libraries included, instead of less. For instance do this to labrepl (which may be getting a new name, ClojureLab).

  2. That’s awesome! Downloading it *right* now!

  3. This is great. However, the group-by function is not working, even for the examples in the documentation. It is giving a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Don’t know how to create ISeq from: java.lang.Integer (NO_SOURCE_FILE:0)

    • Do you mean incanter.core/$group-by or clojure.core/group-by? Can you provide the example that isn’t working?

  4. Probably the fastest way I can get people to try out Clojure, thanks :). Looking forward to swingrepl getting completion support

  5. Cool, but what to do when there’s no X?

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