An Illustrated guide to multi-core parallelism in Clojure

Here are my Clojure Conj slides, From Concurrency to Parallelism: an illustrated guide to multi-core parallelism in Clojure. The version of clojure.par I used isn’t publicly available yet, but I will be publishing it in my github repo ( soon, and hopefully it will make its way to master in the not too distant future.

I just want to thank everybody at the Conj for making it such a spectacular event! I’m already looking forward to next year.

8 responses to “An Illustrated guide to multi-core parallelism in Clojure

  1. Awesome deck. I’m so bummed that I couldn’t make it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i like your slides, what are you using to create those slides and charts/graphs?

  3. Was any audio or video recorded?

  4. Actually, these slides really stand on their own.

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  6. Matthias Treitler

    Wow never seen such a high quality slides, which are freely available. Respect.

  7. Hi, it doesn’t seem that you published your clojure.par yet in your above mentioned repo. Any info / news on that? Now that jdk1.7 is out, it would be great to start investigating this in earnest!



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