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Incanter has migrated to Leiningen

I have completed the process of migrating Incanter from the Maven build tool to Leiningen.

Incanter now includes several project.clj files, one for the overall project and one for each submodule. The top-level project.clj file builds what was formerly called incanter-app/incanter-full using the modules incanter-core, incanter-charts, incanter-processing, incanter-io, incanter-pdf, and incanter-mongodb.

The modules live in the modules/ directory, and each is an independent Leiningen project that can be built as a standalone library.

The script/ directory has repl and swank scripts (both sh and bat) stolen from labrepl, and simple scripts for managing the builds of all the modules (install, test, clean).

One bonus of this change is that I have been able to push Incanter and its modules back on to

To include the full library as a dependency in your Leiningen project, add the following entry to your project.clj file:

[incanter "1.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]

If you only want to include a subset of Incanter’s functionality in your project, use one of the following modules instead:

 [incanter/incanter-core "1.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]
 [incanter/incanter-charts "1.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]
 [incanter/incanter-io "1.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]
 [incanter/incanter-processing "1.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]
 [incanter/incanter-pdf "1.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]
 [incanter/incanter-mongodb "1.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]

Updated build instructions can be found in the new README available in Incanter’s Github repository.

Getting started with Incanter using labrepl

Stuart Halloway created a great Clojure tutorial and development environment for the PragmaticStudio Clojure workshop called labrepl, which is available on Github. A nice feature of labrepl is that is comes with several Clojure libraries, including Clojure-contrib, Compojure, and Incanter. It also includes scripts for starting a Clojure REPL and/or Swank server, and instructions for setting up several different IDEs for Clojure development.

In addition to starting a REPL, the included repl script starts a webserver, on port 8080, that includes several Clojure lab exercises and solutions.

It’s a great way to get started with Clojure and Incanter, so check it out. And if you’re an experienced Clojure programmer, Stuart is looking for contributors to create additional labs, so pitch in if you can. I plan to begin by creating some labs covering the material in my Incanter charts and datasets presentation.