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Incanter 1.5.5 has been released

Incanter 1.5.5 has been released to clojars. This release contains the many bugfixes + some improvements that are documented in the change log. Please, take into account that there is one breaking change in handling of gamma distribution!

I want to thank all the people who contributed into this release!

Besides the 1.5.5 release we have some organizational changes that could help us to make Incanter’s development more active:

  • Incanter now has its own organizaion on Github, so please update your bookmarks. Now it’s easier to add new committers & we’re inviting all developers to
  • Incanter-related project was accepted for GSoC – this will allow to use core.matrix for matrix-related operations, and users can select preferred implementation.

After the 1.5.5 release we’re planning to concentrate our activity on the development of version 2.0 – including integration of core.matrix, implement the Dataset as protocol, etc. More information in this thread.

Incanter 1.5.4 has been released

After several weeks since 1.5.2 release the new release of Incanter (with version number 1.5.4) has been deployed to Clojars.  This release contains several fixes & adds several new functions to incanter.core & incanter.charts.  See Changelog for more details.

P.S. 1.5.3 release was skipped because of an error that I made during deployment to Clojars. Don’t use it!

Incanter 1.5.2 (bugfix release)

I’ve just pushed the new release of Incanter to Clojars. This is mostly bugfix release that fixes several bugs, of different severity. There is also one enhancement – you can use logarithmic axes in charts. More information about fixed bugs and new functions is at changelog.

I want to thank all people who helped with new release by creating issues & sending pull requests!

Incanter 1.5.1: Bugfix release

The bugfix release of Incater was just pushed to Clojars.

It fixes 2 bugs – one nasty bug when functions called from transform-with were working on underlying data, modifying them, and 2nd – when 2-argument version solve thrown an error.