Funding Open Source Projects

Rich Hickey, the creator of the Clojure language, made an interesting request yesterday, he needs help funding Clojure’s development. For the last few years, he has essentially been the sole financial backer for the project, and now there is a need for additional financial support, so he can continue developing Clojure full-time.

The request spurred an outpouring of support for Rich and Clojure, raising more than half of the target amount within a day, with more than 187 individuals and five companies providing support so far.

The Clojure language is one of the primary reason Incanter has been such a joy to develop and use, and I have been a past and present financial contributor to Clojure, as well as to the other projects that provide the foundation that I built Incanter on, like Parallel Colt and JFreeChart. I hope you’ll join me in helping fund great open-source projects like these.

To help fund Clojure, visit its funding page. To help fund Piotr Wendykier’s Parallel Colt project, visit his donation page, and to help fund JFreeChart, purchase their developer’s guide.

Many other projects lay at the core of Incanter, and although they don’t all require funding, you can help in other ways by contributing your talent. To learn more about contributing to Processing, visit its contribute page, and to learn more about helping out with Incanter itself, visit its Google group.


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